HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

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Perfect Gym is happy to announce its cooperation with the largest fitness chain in Norway, HITIO/MUDO Gym. Read about how HITIO/MUDO's decision to change vendors has helped them establish brand growth throughout Europe.
HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

Just as the world of fitness is constantly evolving, gyms around the world are tasked with matching these consumer interests to entice their ideal client base. 

Each style of fitness facility (boutique studios, budget clubs, high-end clubs, etc) offers a different consumer appeal and value proposition, but they are rarely effectively combined. 

HITIO/MUDO Gym, a native Norwegian fitness chain, is changing that. HITIO/MUDO has pioneered an innovative gym concept of a traditional fitness facility that is tailored for every member of the family.

After 20 years of success and expansion in Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Portugal, HITIO/MUDO Gym recognized the need for a tech-savy software provider that could cater to its unique business model and effectively scale their operations. 

HITIO/MUDO Gym turned to Perfect Gym for its digitally sophisticated all-in-one platform that can support every aspect of their multifaceted business: 

  • International franchising
  • System Continuity across Multiple Brands & Regions
  • Cross-club analytics at a glance
  • Revenue driving Point of Sales Options
  • Flexible Contract Options
  • Unique Payment Processor Integration

“Given our strong presence in Norway with MUDO Gym and throughout Europe with HITIO Gym , we knew we needed to move to an all-in-one system that could not only cover our operations from end-to-end, but cover multiple territories while maintaining business continuity across multiple brands.”  Kjetil Rygh, CEO, HITIO/MUDO  Gym

Business Model

Over the last twenty years of operation, HITIO/MUDO Gym has successfully created a true hybrid business model by bringing together engaging activities for the whole family with a traditional gym.

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

HITIO/MUDO’s extensive class options range from advanced combat training, traditional strength and hiit training, to children’s classes. The combination of the two creates an environment of customer personalization offered at Boutique Clubs with functionality of a full service club. 

What’s more, HITIO/MUDO benefits greatly from catering to a wide customer base by offering opportunities for all ages with diverse plans for individuals and families. Structured classes begin as young as five years old and extend into sophisticated fitness classes for adults, particularly standing out as a great fitness option for families.

To date, HITIO/MUDO has opened 31 locations with over 15,000 active members around Norway with plans to double this number over the next several years. 

MUDO Gym  Franchise Ambitions: Creation of HITIO Gym 

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

As Mudo found great success expanding around Norway, one the most competitive fitness club markets in Europe, they set their sights on international franchising. 

MUDO Gym opted to open their international franchises under the name HITIO Gym. So far, HITIO locations are present in the United Kingdom and Portugal, but rapid growth is expected in the coming months and years. 

Limitations of Former Software

As HITIO/MUDO has scaled its operations, they found themselves held back by their former software options and business tools. Like many other Norwegian businesses, HITIO/MUDO had partnered with domestic businesses for software and hardware applications. 

However, HITIO/MUDO never found a Norwegian gym software provider that could effectively manage their scale of operations.

This resulted in HITIO/MUDO needing to work with several different businesses to handle the different aspects of management that accompany gym ownership: management platform, access control, appointment booking, etc. 

While HITIO/MUDO’s locally sourced business tools had served them well up untill this point, HITIO/MUDO started looking for a tool with expanded capabilities. 

These included flexible development opportunities through an open API and mechanisms to integrate with modern fitness technology widely used by members.

Furthermore, with international expansion on the horizon, HITIO/MUDO wanted a tool that would suit international franchising They wanted a tool which operated in the majority of countries HITIO/MUDO Gym is present in with the HITIO Gym brand and supported international convenience, like language translations, currency conversions, etc. 

While the need to switch software had been evident for years, the digital boom of the fitness industry that occurred as the result of Covid-19 encouraged MUDO Gym Management to take action. 


“We felt that Covid-19 was an accelerator for us to move to a more modern-day platform to help us grow our digital strategy in providing stronger digital experiences for our members, strengthening our analytical capabilities, and providing us with the core set of features which will make social distancing within our clubs more tenable”  Kjetil Rygh, CEO, HITIO/MUDO Gym


Transition to Perfect Gym Solutions

Perfect Gym’s all-in-one solution appealed to many aspects of HITIO/MUDO Gym’s growing business needs. In addition to the management platform itself, HITIO/MUDO Gym has also implemented Perfect Gym's Client Portal, Mobile Applications, and CRM tools.

From a management standpoint, HITIO/MUDO Gym loves the capabilities the Dashboard gives them in order to see instant live insights regarding all clubs at any time. This is especially helpful with filtering options, so management can focus on particular clubs or assess metrics and revenues on a macro scale. 

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

As mentioned above, Covid-19’s disruption of the fitness industry was also a considerable motivator to transition to a more digitally sophisticated platform. As a result, HITIO/MUDO Gym has used several of Perfect Gym’s tools to navigate their reopening process and easily communicate gym updates to their members.

To effectively manage capacity within social distancing measures, HITIO/MUDO uses Perfect Gym’s slot booking options for members to reserve certain times to go to the gym. 

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

Using the mobile app, MUDO Gym  also keeps their members informed with live updates regarding club occupancy and capacity in real time. 

Flexible Framework for Franchising

The leading reason for transitioning to Perfect Gym was for the possibility of all HITIO/MUDO Gym's clubs, domestic and abroad, to use the same software. First, Perfect Gym is well positioned to support their HITIO Gym  franchising since it is already licensed to operate in every country they plan to enter. 

“Given our strong presence in Norway with MUDO Gym  and throughout Europe with HITIO Gym , we knew we needed to move to an all-in-one system that could not only cover our operations from end-to-end, but cover multiple territories while maintaining business continuity across multiple brands.” 

Additionally, Perfect Gym Software was designed with franchise expansion in mind. System permissions have allowed HITIO/MUDO to create their own customized business model and protocols that can then be easily transferred as the framework for new franchise locations.

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

As each new MUDO GYM or HITIO GYM franchise will inevitably have small managerial adjustments depending on their location, system permissions allow franchises to make individual changes that stay within the parameters of HITIO/MUDO Gym’s overall model. 

CrediCare Integration

Like many other Norwegian businesses, HITIO/MUDO Gym  has always used CrediCare, a local direct debit payment partner, for their billing. In fact, there are not any licensed international payment processors available in Norway. 

Utilizing our open API, Perfect Gym was able to build out a custom integration to support CrediCare payments. 

This way, all payments can be simply processed through Perfect Gym’s platform, leaving all billing information in one easily accessible place for both members and staff. 

Furthermore, HITIO/MUDO Gym  sees great value in the potential of Perfect Gym’s open API for the future:

“We feel that Perfect Gym’s core modules and Open API gives us almost endless possibilities in how we can add digital components to our brands and gives us a much more future-proof digital foundation going forward.”  Kjetil Rygh, CEO, HITIO/MUDO Gym


Contract Flexibility

HITIO/MUDO Gym + Perfect Gym

HITIO/MUDO Gym has customized their business offerings with Perfect Gym’s flexible tools. These have been best put to use in creating unique packages or offers for their clients, whether they are contract deals, discounts, or vouchers. 

For example, with Perfect Gym’s diverse and customizable contract options, HITIO/MUDO Gym can create memberships that easily accommodate the entire family. Members can opt for independent memberships for children’s classes, adult classes, or access to the gym, or a combination of any three.

Using family plan contracts also allows all HITIO/MUDO members the option to have all accounts linked to one parent account, easily allowing one party to be financially responsible for all others. 

Long Term Cost Benefit: Revenue Saving Tools

HITIO/MUDO Gym is also taking advantage of several of Perfect Gym’s options to reduce club expenditures. 

Simple member efficient tools for self-service, like the mobile app and client portal, are also immensely helping HITIO/MUDO reduce costs and stress on staff.

With Perfect Gym’s integration with HITIO/MUDO Gym’s Access Control provider, simpler client procedures could take place. They could run their front desk sales more efficiently and have used the option of product bundles to combine product and service sales, like merchandise & class training or private training sessions. 

They also have found savings through integrating their access control system with Perfect Gym’s software. After transitioning to QR codes for entry and access control via mobile app, HITIO/MUDO found strong revenue savings by moving away from their policy of providing and replacing lost member cards for free. 

Closing Thoughts

As HITIO/MUDO Gym prepares to make waves in the European fitness market, Perfect Gym software is primed to support all their business needs while accommodating their expansion.