Scrum Master


Three years ago, we started the Agile transformation in the product team by choosing pure Scrum scaled to LeSS. The framework works, basics are ready. Now is the time to face questions that cannot be answered easily, areas that are not covered by books or guides, problems specific to our organizational culture and professionals who have their own needs and arguments. We are looking for someone who is not afraid of challenges. Apart from working with the product teams, we expect that you can do technical tasks - e.g., configuring a filter in JQL or using pivot tables in Excel to extract data on time spent for a given client.

Daily responsibilities:

  • Act as a dedicated Scrum master for 2-3 teams
  • Work with product director, developers, POs, other SMs and stakeholders on improving tools, techniques and the way we work
  • Help teams to improve using data insights
  • Taking care of formal and informal processes in the team as well as the needs of the people involved in them
  • Preparing the department for further scaling

Must Have:

  • Proactivity,
  • 1 year as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach, 
  • Analytical skills, 
  • English, Polish, 
  • JIRA


  • LeSS,
  • Leading Agile transformations, 
  • Scrum/Agile for many teams

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