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fitness24Seven: Fitness24Seven rubiconLeisure: Rubicon Leisure macFit: MACFit mcFit: McFIT sportCity: SPORTCITY crunchFitness: CRUNCH FITNESS uaejjFitness: UAEJJ Fitness

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navBusiness: Your Business navBusinessDescription:  Explore the possibilities of the PerfectGym platform. Select your business type to discover solutions tailored to your unique needs.

navEnterprise: Enterprise navForEnterprise: |   <span>PerfectGym for</span>   Enterprise

navEnterpriseDescription: Open and scalable software for large international chains

navFitnessChain: Fitness Chain

navForFitnessChain: |   <span>PerfectGym for</span>   Fitness Chain

navFitnessChainDescription: Flexible architecture for growing businesses with multiple locations

navIndependentGym: Independent Gym

navForIndependentGym: |   <span>PerfectGym for</span>   Independent Gym

navIndependentGymDescription: All-in-one solution for efficient club operations

navLeisureCentre: Leisure Centre

navForLeisureCentre: |   <span>PerfectGym for</span>   Leisure Centre

navLeisureCentreDescription: |   Dedicated solutions for easy sports & leisure centre management

navFitnessClubs: Fitness Clubs navSwimSchool: Swim School navTrampolinePark: Trampoline Park navDanceStudio: Dance Studio navYogaStudio: Yoga Studio navMartialArts: Martial Arts navLeisureFacilities: Leisure Facilities

navSolution: Our Solutions navSolutionsDescription:  Delve into our ecosystem of customer-focused experiences that streamline operations, boost retention and much more to drive business growth.

navIncreaseRevenue: Increase Revenue navIncreaseRevenueDescription: Maximise your earnings with proven revenue enhancement solutions

navReduceOperatingCosts: Reduce Operating Costs navReduceOperatingCostsDescription: Streamline daily operations and increase productivity with dedicated tools

navBoostRetention: Boost Retention navBoostRetentionDescription: Experience a thriving community and keep your members longer

navDigitallyTransformYourBusiness: Digitally Transform Your Business navDigitallyTransformYourBusinessDescription: Modernise your business and stay ahead in the digital race

navPlatformCapabilities: |   Platform Capabilities navPlatformCapabilitiesDescription: PerfectGym is designed to benefit your business and enhance the experience for your members. Discover how we can help you grow.

navClubManagementDescription: Streamline club administration and operations navCRMDescription: Complete sales process management tool navPointofSaleDescription: All-in-one software for your reception navKioskDescription: Simple and user-friendly self-service solution navMobileAppDescription: Put your members in control with PerfectGym GO navProAppDescription: Dedicated app for instructors and personal trainers navPaymentsDescription: Innovative, secure and convenient payment solutions navIntegrationsDescription: Build your own ecosystem with our Open API navBI&AnalyticsDescription: Reports and dashboards for data-driven decisions navFacilityBookingDescription: Ticketing and facility booking software navClientPortalDescription: Custom online portal for your members navAutomationDescription: Essential tools for personalised communication

navAllInOne: All-in-one navCRM: CRM navPointofSale: Point of Sale navClubManagement: Club Management Software navMobileApp: Mobile App navClientPortal: Client Portal navBI&Analytics: BI & Analytics navAutomation: Automation & Marketing navKiosk: Kiosk navPayments: Payments navIntegrations: Integrations navFacilityBooking: Facility Booking navProApp: Pro App

navKnowledgeHub: Resources navKnowledgeHubDescription:  Valuable insights, industry expertise and in-depth information – find the resources that support every stage of your business growth.

navBlog: Blog navBlogDescription: Engaging articles with valuable tips, lastes trends and insightful guides

navCaseStudies: Case Studies navCaseStudiesDescription: Success stories of PerfectGym customers navFAQ: FAQ navFAQDescription: Find answers to your questions navWhitepapers&Ebooks: White Papers & Ebooks navWhitepapers&EbooksDescription: Expert insights, data-driven analyses and best practices navAPIDocumentation: API documentation navAPIDocumentationDescription: Unlock the full potential of our platform through open API navTopicLibrary: Topic Library navTopicLibraryDescription: ''

navAboutUs: About Us navAboutUsDescription: Find out more about us and the mission that drives us to deliver exceptional solutions. navCareer: Career navCareerDescription: Looking for a job? Check out our career opportunities. navSupport: Support navSupportDescription: Reach out to our support team and get the help you need. navContact: Contact navContactDescription: Ready to talk? Get in touch with us for enquiries, cooperation and more.

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navFaq: FAQ

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# Endorsments / General Use

# pgEnd1Text: # pgEnd1AuthorName: # pgEnd1CompanyName: # pgEnd1GoalText: # pgEnd1GoalNumber:

pgEnd1Text: Together with PerfectGym’s implementation, we fundamentally changed how we operate and deliver value to our customers. It has strengthened our analytics muscle with its data quality and consistency. Now, it is very easy to extract, transform and load data from PerfectGym to our data warehouse by direct database connection, and all KPIs are reported based on this data. pgEnd1AuthorName: Serhat Göktepe pgEnd1CompanyName: MACFit

pgEnd2Text: As we have grown as a business quite rapidly within the past two years it has been paramount for all of our locations to run in unison and also all staff at all locations to have visibility to the same information on each member. PerfectGym allows this and also has great abilities for reporting and data comparisons. pgEnd2AuthorName: Martin Barr pgEnd2AuthorJob: Co-founder pgEnd2CompanyName: GO24 Fitness

pgEnd3Text: We decided to choose PerfectGym for many reasons. The most important is the ability to generate reports to read data and the simplicity of doing this. The goals we aim to achieve with the PerfectGym partnership are to use the data to listen to our clients, reach out to them and scale our business. pgEnd3AuthorName: Fadi Hassoun pgEnd3CompanyName: UAEJJ Fitness pgEnd3AuthorJob: Operations Manager pgEnd3GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd3GoalText: growth in membership sales

pgEnd4Text: We started on our digital transformation journey with PerfectGym because they understood that we weren't just looking for a software solution. PerfectGym proved themselves more capable than anybody else to listen to our needs. pgEnd4AuthorName: John Oxley pgEnd4CompanyName: Rubicon Leisure pgEnd4AuthorJob: Managing Director pgEnd4GoalNumber: 30% pgEnd4GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd5Text: PerfectGym gave us the opportunity to introduce recurring membership payments in the Kazakhstan fitness market and launch our Invictus GO chain. We opened our first 3 clubs in 3 years. After partnering with PerfectGym, we launched 20 clubs in just 4 years. pgEnd5AuthorName: Shynggys Taneke pgEnd5CompanyName: Invictus pgEnd5AuthorTitle: Co-founder pgEnd5GoalNumber: |   20 pgEnd5GoalText: new clubs opened in 4 years

pgEnd6Text: The initial implementation of PerfectGym was smooth and easy at our newest location and we received great assistance during the month of training. I think all of the analytical capabilities of PerfectGym have a massive benefit to any multi-location business. pgEnd6AuthorName: Martin Barr pgEnd6CompanyName: GO24 Fitness pgEnd6AuthorJob: Co-founder

pgEnd7Text: In 2022, thanks to PerfectGym, twice as many members purchased their memberships online compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of all payments are made through the app or website. This feature saves clients' time and reduces the workload of our reception staff. pgEnd7AuthorName: Giorgi Asatiani pgEnd7CompanyName: Oktopus pgEnd7AuthorJob: Co-founder pgEnd7GoalNumber: 267% pgEnd7GoalText: increase in class attendance

pgEnd8Text: The dashboards within the PerfectGym environment present real live data in an instant, enabling us to understand exactly where our business is performing right at that moment. That provides far better and more informed decision-making than we've had before. pgEnd8AuthorName: John Oxley pgEnd8CompanyName: Oktopus pgEnd8AuthorJob: Managing Director pgEnd8GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd8GoalText: increase in membership purchases

pgEnd9Text: It is a big advantage that the system is intuitive and easy to use. We have over 600 employees, and we are growing fast. PerfectGym makes launching new locations much easier. pgEnd9AuthorName: Shynggys Taneke pgEnd9CompanyName: Invictus

pgEnd10Text: After the challenges posed by the pandemic, we made substantial investments in staff training, equipment upgrades, and expanding to new locations. PerfectGym has played a vital role in ensuring that our fitness centres remain at the forefront of excellence, providing our customers with a sense of freshness every time they walk through our doors. pgEnd10AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd10CompanyName: Level Up Fitness pgEnd10AuthorJob: Founder pgEnd10GoalNumber: 39% pgEnd10GoalText: increase in gym members

pgEnd11Text: The main reason why we chose PerfectGym is fast implementation and the possibility to add a new language, Bulgarian, and work it out. Our future plans are in the next 3-5 years to have 5 fully automated gyms with 24/7 access in Varna, Bulgaria. PerfectGym helps us achieve this by lowering the costs of staff. pgEnd11AuthorName: Daniel Frangov pgEnd11CompanyName: R.Fitness pgEnd11AuthorJob: Managing Director pgEnd11GoalNumber: 70% pgEnd11GoalText: year-over-year member growth

pgEnd12Text: Integration with other software pieces was our ambition at Rubicon. Debit collection from GoCardless, cash collection from Stripe, and seamless API connections enable us to connect this broader digital network and deliver an exceptional member experience. pgEnd12AuthorName: John Oxley pgEnd12CompanyName: Rubicon Leisure pgEnd12AuthorJob: Managing Director pgEnd12GoalNumber: 97% pgEnd12GoalText: successfully processed payments

pgEnd13Text: Our whole ecosystem is built around PerfectGym. We use open API to connect our mobile app and payment systems, and we plan to introduce e-commerce to sell branded merchandise. pgEnd13AuthorName: Shynggys Taneke pgEnd13CompanyName: Invictus pgEnd13AuthorJob: Co-founder pgEnd13GoalNumber: 69% pgEnd13GoalText: year-over-year increase in gym visits

pgEnd14Text: PerfectGym has been more than just a gym management software for us; it's been a partner that understands our unique needs as a fitness provider in under-served communities in Borneo, Malaysia. pgEnd14AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd14CompanyName: Level Up Fitness pgEnd14AuthorJob: Founder pgEnd14GoalNumber: 154% pgEnd14GoalText: growth in the number of visits

pgEnd15Text: I have worked with three different gym management systems so far. PerfectGym provides the simplest and most intuitive interface with a wider range of functionalities to help businesses grow and satisfy customers. pgEnd15AuthorName: Bartłomiej Żyguła pgEnd15CompanyName: RaptorGym pgEnd15AuthorJob: Manager pgEnd15GoalNumber: 81% pgEnd15GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd16Text: We were looking for a system that could not only meet the expectations of a changing market, but also to be one step ahead for the members of tomorrow. PerfectGym helps us to make it happen. It’s incredible to see how a system can generate exciting and useful data to improve the quality of service and the products. pgEnd16AuthorName: Natalia Folbrycht pgEnd16CompanyName: Fitness24Seven pgEnd16AuthorJob: Country Manager

pgEnd166Text: With PerfectGym by our side, we have been able to focus on what we do best – empowering our members to lead healthier lives. It has streamlined our operations, improved member experiences, and allowed us to grow and expand with confidence. pgEnd166AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd166CompanyName: Level Up Fitness pgEnd166AuthorJob: Founder pgEnd166GoalNumber: 60k pgEnd166GoalText: messages sent via the Automation Centre

pgEnd17Text: Since we started our expansion in the Baltics, we have always been looking for a system that would be future-proof, provide us technical advantage and evolve with us together in our journey. pgEnd17AuthorName: Vidmantas Siugzdinis pgEnd17CompanyName: Lemon Gym pgEnd17AuthorJob: CEO

pgEnd18Text: PerfectGym is a tool that allows the staff to control all the administrative operations of the gym. It is also a friendly tool for our members. Through the use of the app we are up to date with the demands of our customers, allowing us to be effective and efficient. pgEnd18AuthorName: Adriana Mena Figueroa pgEnd18CompanyName: Fitness24Seven pgEnd18AuthorJob: Country Manager

pgEnd19Text: I wholeheartedly recommend PerfectGym to any fitness establishment looking to enhance its services, reach new heights of customer satisfaction, and thrive in a competitive market. pgEnd19AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd19CompanyName: Level Up Fitness

pgEnd20Text: The PerfectGym Software and the knowledge of the PerfectGym team with the support they offer, it’s absolutely first class! pgEnd20AuthorName: David Prosser pgEnd20CompanyName: Gold’s Gym

pgEnd21Text: PerfectGym is the solution for all the problems and strategies that one fitness organisation is looking for. pgEnd21AuthorName: Fehmida Baig pgEnd21CompanyName: Uform Fitness

pgEnd22Text: PerfectGym gave us the opportunity to introduce recurring membership payments in the Kazakhstan fitness market and launch our Invictus GO chain. It is a big advantage that the system is intuitive and easy to use. We have over 600 employees, and we are growing fast. PerfectGym makes launching new locations much easier. pgEnd22AuthorName: Shynggys Taneke pgEnd22CompanyName: Invictus pgEnd22AuthorTitle: Co-founder pgEnd22GoalNumber: |   20 pgEnd22GoalText: new clubs opened in 4 years

pgEnd23Text: PerfectGym has been more than just a gym management software for us; it's been a partner that understands our unique needs as a fitness provider in under-served communities in Borneo, Malaysia. I wholeheartedly recommend PerfectGym to any fitness establishment looking to enhance its services, reach new heights of customer satisfaction, and thrive in a competitive market. pgEnd23AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd23CompanyName: Level Up Fitness pgEnd23AuthorJob: Founder pgEnd23GoalNumber: 154% pgEnd23GoalText: growth in the number of visits

pgEnd24Text: The reports generated by PerfectGym have proven to be invaluable in making data-driven business decisions. For example, we can analyze the performance of certain group exercise classes and make informed decisions on whether to change them to something more popular and in demand. pgEnd24AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd24AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd24GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd24GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd25Text: The reports generated by PerfectGym have proven to be invaluable in making data-driven business decisions. For example, we can analyse the performance of certain group exercise classes and make informed decisions on whether to change them to something more popular and in demand. Moreover, we can identify which neighbourhoods our gym outlets are frequented by and leverage this data to strategically open new outlets closer to those neighbourhoods, maximising our outreach and potential customer base. pgEnd25AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd25AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd25GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd25GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd26Text: We decided to choose PerfectGym for many reasons. The most important is the ability to generate reports to read data and the simplicity of doing this. The goals we aim to achieve with the PerfectGym partnership are to use the data to listen to our clients to reach out to them, and to scale our business. pgEnd26AuthorName: Fadi Hassoun pgEnd26AuthorTitle: Operations Manager pgEnd26GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd26GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd27Text: We decided to choose PerfectGym for many reasons. The most important is the ability to generate reports to read data and the simplicity of doing this. The goals we aim to achieve with the PerfectGym partnership are to use the data to listen to our clients to reach out to them, and to scale our business. pgEnd27AuthorName: Fadi Hassoun pgEnd27AuthorTitle: Operations Manager pgEnd27GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd27GoalText: increase in memberships

# check if this is correct person pgEnd28Text: In 2022, twice as many members purchased their memberships online compared to the previous year. Nearly 17% of all payments are made through the app or website. This feature saves clients' time and reduces the workload of our reception staff. pgEnd28AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd28AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd28GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd28GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd29Text: Through the Client Portal, members can easily see the available group fitness classes and book their slots in advance. This not only ensures that our classes are never overcrowded, but it also allows our instructors to prepare and know in advance which members to expect, providing a more personalised and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. pgEnd29AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd29AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd29GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd29GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd30Text: We have chosen to partner with PerfectGym as we believe they will be a long-term strategic partner in our journey towards success. PerfectGym is capable of effectively addressing all critical business aspects, positioning us for scalable growth. pgEnd30AuthorName: Loay Ahmad pgEnd30AuthorTitle: Chief Operating Officer pgEnd30GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd30GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd31Text: With PerfectGym, we’re able to see real-time statuses of clubs and audit member experiences we hadn’t yet considered. The overview has given us great insight into how the club is doing, we make better data-driven choices now. pgEnd31AuthorName: Jake Curreri pgEnd31AuthorTitle: CTO pgEnd31GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd31GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd32Text: We use reporting tools every day. The choice of over 120 different reports allows our administrators, managers, sale staff, and accountants to work efficiently, as they use different data in their daily tasks. pgEnd32AuthorName: Giorgi Asatiani pgEnd32AuthorTitle: Co-Founder pgEnd32GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd32GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd33Text: I think all of the analytical capabilities have a massive benefit to any multi-location business. pgEnd33AuthorName: Martin Barr pgEnd33AuthorTitle: Co-Founder pgEnd33GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd33GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd34Text: Thanks to the user-friendly UX of the app and Client Portal, members can manage their contracts on multiple devices. This is convenient for staff, especially during peak times when long queues form at the club's reception. pgEnd34AuthorName: Bartłomiej Żyguła pgEnd34AuthorTitle: Manager pgEnd34GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd34GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd35Text: After introducing the mobile application, we noted a rise in class attendance. An impressive 94% of our members are active app users, as they can book classes with a few screen finger taps. pgEnd35AuthorName: Giorgi Asatiani pgEnd35AuthorTitle: Co-founder  pgEnd35GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd35GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd36Text: We use [the mobile app] to send push notification reminders for classes due to start and when the waitlist opens. It has already enhanced our business massively. pgEnd36AuthorName: George Doran pgEnd36AuthorTitle: Commercial Manager  pgEnd36GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd36GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd37Text: The PerfectGym Mobile App has been adopted by 99% of our members. They love using the QR codes for access to the club and it has significantly decreased the amount of queue time at the front desk. pgEnd37AuthorName: Aekkasit Tachasirinugune pgEnd37AuthorTitle: ''  pgEnd37GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd37GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd38Text: We have to realize that the modern fitness industry is very high-tech. There are many services for specific tasks. PerfectGym is able to combine all these services into one ecosystem. pgEnd38AuthorName: Vlad Khartukov pgEnd38AuthorTitle: Head Manager  pgEnd38GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd38GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd39Text: The app enables members to easily book classes, establish and track fitness goals, and make payments securely. It also provides convenient access to the club by allowing members to scan QR codes, eliminating the need for direct interaction with reception staff. This demonstrates how technology can enhance the experience of fitness club members. pgEnd39AuthorName: Bartłomiej Żyguła pgEnd39AuthorTitle: Manager  pgEnd39GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd39GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd40Text: We are also using the waitlist feature and CRM to deal with enquiries for our swimming lesson programme and quickly fill spaces on the programme as they open up. pgEnd40AuthorName: George Doran pgEnd40AuthorTitle: Commercial Manager  pgEnd40GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd40GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd41Text: We are using CRM system with our sales managers recording their daily tasks and events in their calendar in CRM – thus making sure everything goes smoothly. pgEnd41AuthorName: Giorgi Asatiani pgEnd41AuthorTitle: ""   pgEnd41GoalNumber: 25% pgEnd41GoalText: increase in memberships

pgEnd42Text: We use the Automation Centre to reach our member engagement and retention goals. Thanks to this feature, we have seen customer retention growth of around 60%. pgEnd42AuthorName: Giorgi Asatiani pgEnd42AuthorTitle: Co-founder  pgEnd42GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd42GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd43Text: The capability to link credit cards to an account and convenient payment integrations allows us to seamlessly collect debt from club members' accounts, which is suitable for us and our members. Additionally, the auto-renewal feature for contracts ensures a continuation of payments, allowing uninterrupted access to all club member benefits. pgEnd43AuthorName: Bartłomiej Żyguła pgEnd43AuthorTitle: Manager  pgEnd43GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd43GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd44Text: The open API means our club can integrate with any up-and-coming fitness apps, this way we stay more relevant for members. pgEnd44AuthorName: Jake Curreri pgEnd44AuthorTitle: CTO  pgEnd44GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd44GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd45Text: Together with PerfectGym’s implementation, we fundamentally changed how we operate and deliver value to our customers. PerfectGym has strengthened our analytics muscles with its data quality and consistency. pgEnd45AuthorName: Serhat Göktepe pgEnd45AuthorTitle: "" pgEnd45GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd45GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd46Text: We use the Automation Centre for pretty much everything. Welcome emails when joining, notifications on class booking, waitlist, class availability, payment reminders, facility booking confirmation, cancellation notices etc. Customers have said they are pleased they now get confirmation on things like bookings and enrolments whereas before they didn’t, so now it gives them peace of mind. pgEnd46AuthorName: George Doran pgEnd46AuthorTitle: Commercial Manager pgEnd46GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd46GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd47Text: Our members can effortlessly visit any of our new or existing Level Up Fitness gyms at any time, 24 hours, even outside regular staff hours. With just a simple scan of their RFID cards at the doors, PerfectGym quickly verifies their good standing, and the doors unlock, welcoming them to their workout sessions. pgEnd47AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd47AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd47GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd47GoalText: increase in new members

pgEnd48Text: PerfectGym as a one stop digital solution has turned Arena’s business around. Their platform has helped consolidate and integrate our operations, with substantial reduction in manual input hours, taking us to new heights. This has set us apart from the rest, giving us an edge for the innovation in what we do. pgEnd48AuthorName: Kenny Sia pgEnd48AuthorTitle: Founder pgEnd48GoalNumber: 88% pgEnd48GoalText: increase in new members

### Home / Page ###

pgTopHPH1: |    Gym, Fitness & Leisure   Management Software pgTopHPH2: |   One Platform,   All Your Business Needs

pgTopHPText: |   Thrive in the digital age by harnessing an ecosystem   of customer-centric experiences.

pgHpMetaTitle: Fitness, Gym & Leisure Management Software | PerfectGym pgHpMetaDescription: Transform your fitness business with our all-in-one gym software. Effortlessly manage payments, memberships, sales, marketing, and more!

# What is PG / Section

wipgHeading: |    What is <span>PerfectGym</span> wipgText1: |    PerfectGym is <strong>an innovative and scalable open platform</strong> that revolutionises the fitness & leisure industry through automation and digitalisation. wipgText2: |    Our comprehensive software suite transforms every aspect of your business, from optimising operations to delivering exceptional member experiences and boosting revenue.

wipgList1: Built your own digital ecosystem. wipgList2: Receive quality data for better business decisions. wipgList3: Deliver a unique member experience. wipgList4: Maximise revenue opportunities

# Solutions / Section

pgSolutionsHeading: |   PerfectGym Solutions    <span>For Your Business and Your Members</span>

solutionsFor: Solutions For

# Sales & Member Retention / Section

pgSales&MemberRetention: |   Sales & Member Retention

pgSales&MemberRetentionHeading1: |   Optimise sales strategies

pgSales&MemberRetentionText1: |   Gain actionable insights from robust sales tracking and reporting capabilities to monitor key metrics and identify areas for improvement.

pgSales&MemberRetentionHeading2: |   Increase successful conversions

pgSales&MemberRetentionText2: |   Efficiently prioritise sales efforts by focusing on high-potential leads and opportunities to allocate all your resources effectively.

pgSales&MemberRetentionHeading3: |   Attract new members

pgSales&MemberRetentionText3: |   Utilise targeted promotional campaigns and referral programs to entice potential customers, boost brand awareness, and expand your member base.

pgSales&MemberRetentionHeading4: |   Simplify membership purchases

pgSales&MemberRetentionText4: |   Provide a user-friendly online platform to purchase memberships directly from your website or mobile app with flexible payment options.

# Facility Operations / Section

pgFacilityOperations: Facility Operations

pgFacilityOperationsHeading1: |   Improve operational efficiency

pgFacilityOperationsText1: |   Reduce man-hours spend on admin with a centralised view of all the touchpoints and history of every club member from top-to-bottom.

pgFacilityOperationsHeading2: |   Identify growth opportunities

pgFacilityOperationsText2: |   Gain valuable insights into your business performance to make data-driven decisions and strategic planning.

pgFacilityOperationsHeading3: |   Increase revenue and profitability

pgFacilityOperationsText3: |   Optimise pricing strategies and implement targeted marketing campaigns to boost conversions and maximise profitability.

pgFacilityOperationsHeading4: |   Enhance cash flow

pgFacilityOperationsText4: |   Provide flexibility with multiple payment options with automatic invoicing,  recurring payments, and debt collection, reducing manual administrative tasks.

# Scalable & Flexible Platform / Section

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatform: |   Scalable & Flexible Platform

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformHeading1: |   Access all your data in one place

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformText1: |   Effortlessly collect all your valuable data and essential information from your existing software systems and external apps into one comprehensive platform.

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformHeading2: |   Reduce IT costs

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformText2: |   Safeguard sensitive information with cloud hosting and our ISO-certified security protocols, ensuring the highest level of data protection.

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformHeading3: |   Ensure top-notch data security

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformText3: |   Effortlessly migrate all your valuable data and essential information from your existing software systems to one comprehensive platform.

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformHeading4: |   Build your digital ecosystem

pgScalable&FlexiblePlatformText4: |   Easily integrate with your preferred third-party applications through our open interface (API), allowing for seamless data flow and enhanced functionality.

# Members Engagement & Fitness Experiences / Section

pgMembersEngagement: Members' Engagement & Fitness Experiences

pgMembersEngagementHeading1: |   Provide self-service solutions

pgMembersEngagementText1: |   Enable self-service capabilities for members to easily update personal information, manage bookings, and access the club effortlessly.

pgMembersEngagementHeading2: |   Enhance member loyalty

pgMembersEngagementText2: |   Implement loyalty programs and personalised rewards to strengthen customer loyalty and create a sense of belonging within your community.

pgMembersEngagementHeading3: |   Improve overall member experience

pgMembersEngagementText3: |   Integrate seamlessly with popular health and wellness apps, allowing members to consolidate their fitness data and track progress.

pgMembersEngagementHeading4: |   Efficiently manage fitness classes & PT

pgMembersEngagementText4: |   Simplify class and personal training management processes with an intuitive and user-friendly system for easy scheduling, attendance tracking, and workout personalisation.

pgMembersEngagementHeading5: |   Track the data on the go

pgMembersEngagementText5: |   Effortlessly manage class flow, track attendance, and streamline participant management, eliminating the need for manual tracking or paperwork.

# Integrations / Section

pgIntHeading: |    Integrations   <span> Add More Value with One System

pgExperienceApps: Experience Apps pgAccessControl: Access Control pg3rdPartyApiIntegrations: Integrations pgDataAnalytics: Data Analytics pgPayments: Payments pgWearableExperience: Wearable Experience

# Internationally Fit / Section

pgFit: |    We're <span>Internationally</span> Fit

pgFitText: |    Our platform is transforming businesses everywhere – from small facilities to global chains all over the world.

countries: Countries countriesValue: 55+ activeMembers: Active members activeMembersValueUnit: mil satisfiedCustomers: Satisfied customers satisfiedCustomersValue: 1500+ systemTranslations: System translations systemTranslationsValue: 20+

# Trusted by market leaders / Section

mlTrustedByMarketLeaders: Trusted by market leaders mlWorldwide: worldwide.

# Request Demo CTA / Section

requestDemoCtaH3: Request a demo requestDemoCtaH4: Ready to get started? requestDemoCtaText: |    Schedule a meeting with a free demo   presentation to explore PerfectGym   software!

# Faq / Section

pgViewOurFaq: view our faq pgFaq: FAQ

pgFaqCtaText: Do you have questions about PerfectGym software? Are you eager to learn more? Explore our FAQ section to find the answers you're looking for.

faqHeading: |    Frequently Asked <span>Questions</span>

faqVisitPage: Visit faq page

faqItemHeading1: Is PerfectGym software only for gyms? faqItemContent1: |    <p>No! PerfectGym is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of fitness and leisure businesses, regardless of their size. We serve individual gyms, wellness and sports facilities, fitness chains, international enterprises and public/private leisure operators.</p>

faqItemHeading2: Can PerfectGym software handle multiple locations? faqItemContent2: |   <p>Absolutely! PerfectGym management software is designed to handle the complexities of managing multiple locations or branches.</p>   <p>With centralised control, you can efficiently manage and monitor each facility, track performance, and implement consistent business processes across all locations.</p>   <p>Whether you have a network of gyms or leisure centres, PerfectGym has the scalability to support your business growth.</p>

faqItemHeading3: Will PerfectGym's management software align with the unique requirements of my business? faqItemContent3: |   <p>Absolutely! We understand that each fitness business is unique, and our software is designed with flexibility in mind. We are committed to curating a customised set of tools and functionalities that will not only meet your specific needs but also fuel your business's growth.</p>

faqItemHeading4: How secure is PerfectGym management software? faqItemContent4: |   <p>We understand the importance of safeguarding your member and business data. That's why our software is built with robust security measures to ensure the highest level of protection.</p>   <p>Our secure cloud infrastructure hosts your information in a safe and scalable environment. We have also implemented state-of-the-art ISO 27001-certified measures, ensuring top-notch information security management.</p>

faqItemHeading5: How to schedule a demo presentation, and what does it look like? faqItemContent5: |   <p>Scheduling a demo presentation with PerfectGym is quick and easy. To get started, simply fill out the <a href="/request-demo" title="Request Demo">form provided on our website</a>. Once you submit it, our team will promptly contact you to confirm the details and discuss your preferred dates for the demo presentation.</p>   <p>The demo presentation is an interactive session where our team showcases the features and capabilities of our software. We tailor the meeting to your specific needs, focusing on the aspects that are most relevant to your business. During the demo, you'll have the opportunity to see the software in action, ask questions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how PerfectGym can benefit your operations.</p>

# What Our Clients say about Us / Section

pgEndorsmentHeading: |   What Our <span>Clients</span> Say About Us

pgEndorsmentAllEndorsments: All Endorsments pgEndorsmentEnterprise: Enterprise pgEndorsmentGymChain: Gym Chain pgEndorsmentLeasureCenter: Leasure Center pgEndorsmentIndependentGym: Independent Gym

# We are made for Your Business / Section

pgBusinessHeading: |    <span>We Are Made</span>    For Your Business

pgBusinessEnterprise: Enterprise pgBusinessGymChains: Fitness Chain pgBusinessIndependentGym: Independent Gym pgBusinessLeisureCenter: Leisure Center pgBusinessLeisureCentres: Leisure Centre

# Enterprise pgEnterpriseMetaTitle: The No. 1 Fitness Management Software for Enterprises pgEnterpriseMetaDescription: Grow your business with our scalable platform. Achieve operational excellence and build a robust ecosystem.

pgBusinessEnterpriseH4: |    Open and Scalable Software   for Large International Chains.

pgBusinessEnterpriseText: |    Innovative platform designed to handle the complexities of your operations.

pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature1: Open ecosystem of experiences pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature2: Centralised state management pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature3: Data security pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature4: Operational excellence pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature5: Data-driven decisions pgBusinessEnterpriseFeature6: Seamless Integrations

pgReadCaseStudy: Read Case Study pgWatchCaseStudy: Watch case study

# Fitness Chain pgBusinessGymChainsMetaTitle: All-in-One Management Software for Gym Chains pgBusinessGymChainsDescription: Grow your fitness network with robust tools to streamline operations and improve member experience.

pgBusinessGymChainsH4: |    Flexible Architecture For   Growing Business With   Multiple Locations.

pgBusinessGymChainsText: |    Drive success across multiple clubs with a scalable platform designed for efficient operations and growth.

pgBusinessGymChainsFeature1: Comprehensive toolkit pgBusinessGymChainsFeature2: Personalise interactions pgBusinessGymChainsFeature3: Advanced sales solutions pgBusinessGymChainsFeature4: Reduce operating costs pgBusinessGymChainsFeature5: Increase member retention pgBusinessGymChainsFeature6: Integrated payments

# Independent Gym pgBusinessIndependentGymMetaTitle: APowerful and Modern Gym Management Software pgBusinessIndependentGymDescription: Experience a user-friendly software solution designed for success in fitness industry. Request a demo now!


pgBusinessIndependentGymText: |    Equip your business with all the essential tools to effectively manage a fitness club.

pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature1: Integrated payments pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature2: Mobile trainer booking pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature3: Recurring membership management pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature4: Contactless access control pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature5: Self-service and in-person pgBusinessIndependentGymFeature6: Streamline operations

# Leisure Center pgBusinessLeisureCenterMetaTitle: Dedicated Management Software for Leisure Centres pgBusinessLeisureCenterDescription: Explore comprehensive management solution. Easily handle payments, access control, courses, and more!


pgBusinessLeisureCenterText: |    Simplify the management of facility rooms, bookings, classes, and large staff with our intuitive platform.

pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature1: Multizone access control pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature2: Facility bookings pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature3: Family memberships pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature4: Recurring payments pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature5: Self-service course management pgBusinessLeisureCenterFeature6: E-commerce sales

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homePage: Home Page knowledgehub: Knowledge Hub pageNotFoud: Page Not Found somethingWentWrong: Oops! Something went wrong goBackOur: Go back to Our or: or checkUsOut: Check Us out on Social Media

### Contact / Page ###

pgContactMetaTitle: Contact Us | PerfectGym pgContactMetaDescription: Contact PerfectGym for any questions, support or partnership opportunities. Our team is ready to help.

contact: Contact meetUs: Meet Us name: Name sales: Sales message: Message support: Support choiseOption: choise option... subject: Subject businessEmail: Business e-mail* companyNamePl: PerfectGym Solutions S.A. companyNameAu: PerfectGym Solutions Pty Ltd. polandAddress: Klimczaka 1, Royal Wilanów, Segment E, 4th floor 02-797 Warsaw, Poland contactEmailPl: contactEmailAu: sendMessage: Send Message leaveMessage: Leave a message leaveMessageSub: |   Do you have questions about our system?   Feel free to contact us at any time! numberPl: (+44) 20 3885 9312 numberAu: 1300 088 922 numberSupport: (+44) 20 3885 9312 salesOpenHours: Sales (9am - 5pm, cet) contactSales: Contact us directly melbourneAddress: 1 international Drive, Westmeadows, VIC, 3049, Australia contactSupport: For technical support, please call

contactDescription: Want to understand how we can help your business? Interested in forging a collaborative partnership? We're at your service. Reach out to us! contactDescription2: pgContactAgreement1: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur. Mauris gravida tempor scelerisque lectus eget lacus sed faucibus curabitur.

### Enterprise Page ###

pgEnterpriseH1: |   Open and Scalable Software   for Large International Chains

pgEnterpriseH2: |    Accelerate Digital   Transformation   for Sustainable Growth

pgEnterpriseText: |   Unleash the power of PerfectGym's innovative gym and fitness management platform, designed to handle the complexities of your operations, drive customer satisfaction, and fuel business success.

pgEnterpriseBoxHeading1: |    Build Your <span>Robust   Ecosystem</span> pgEnterpriseBoxHeading2: |   Achieve <span>Operational   Excellence</span> pgEnterpriseBoxHeading3: |   <span>High Security</span>,   Low Stress

pgEnterpriseBoxText1: Seamlessly integrate with over 50 leading technology and payment partners, creating an ecosystem that supports your business needs. pgEnterpriseBoxText2: Optimise workflows, automate processes and drive operational efficiency for enhanced productivity and profitability. pgEnterpriseBoxText3: PerfectGym is ISO 27001 certified and adheres to the strictest security standards, ensuring your enterprise and customer data remain protected.

pgEnterpriseJoinHeading: |   <span>Join Over 100 Enterprises</span>   Using PerfectGym Solutions

pgEnterpriseBoxItem1Heading: 50+ pgEnterpriseBoxItem1Text: |   <strong>international partners</strong>   in our industry ecosystem

pgEnterpriseBoxItem2Heading: 66% pgEnterpriseBoxItem2Text: |   of our customers actively use our <strong>open API</strong>

pgEnterpriseBoxItem3Heading: |   4,6+ <small>M</small> pgEnterpriseBoxItem3Text: |   members use <strong>Client Portal</strong> and <strong>PG GO App</strong> 

pgReadyToGetStarted: Ready to get started?

# Faq / Section

faqEnterpriseItemHeading1: What are the key features of the PerfectGym management system? faqEnterpriseItemContent1: |   <p>Our system offers a wide range of functions, including membership management, class scheduling, billing and invoicing, reporting and analysis, staff management, member communication tools, and much more. It is a comprehensive solution for all your enterprise management needs.</p>  

faqEnterpriseItemHeading2: What is PerfectGym's main offering for large international chains?  faqEnterpriseItemContent2: |   <p>For large international chains, PerfectGym provides a robust and scalable software solution. Our main offerings include, among others:</p>   <ul>   <li><strong>Multi-location management</strong>: Our system is designed to seamlessly handle multiple locations, making it easy to oversee and manage various branches or franchises from a centralised platform. </li>   <li><strong>Global reporting and analytics</strong>: Gain insights into the performance of each location or across the entire chain with our comprehensive <a href="features/business-intelligence-and-analytics">reporting and analytics tools</a>. You can compare data, track trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimise operations. </li>   <li><strong>Many system translations</strong>: We understand the importance of serving a global clientele. Our system offers multi-language support to cater to diverse member bases and staff across different regions. </li>   <li><strong>International currency handling</strong>: Easily handle <a href="features/payments">payments</a> and transactions in various currencies and accommodate international pricing structures. Our system ensures smooth billing and invoicing for members worldwide.</li>    <li><strong>Global member engagement</strong>: Keep members engaged and connected with your brand by delivering consistent messaging and promotions across all locations. Our system includes <a href="features/gym-automation-and-marketing">member communication tools</a> to facilitate this.</li>    <li><strong>Compliance and regulations</strong>: Stay compliant with international regulations and data privacy laws. Our system is designed to help you adhere to local and global industry standards.</li>   <li><strong>Integrations and open API</strong>: PerfectGym offers an <a target="_blank" href="">open API architecture</a>, allowing you to integrate with a wide range of third-party applications and services. With this power, you can create a fully customised and connected ecosystem tailored to your specific needs. </li>   </ul>

faqEnterpriseItemHeading3: Can I see a demo of the PerfectGym system before making a decision? faqEnterpriseItemContent3: |   <p>Certainly! We'd be happy to provide you with a complex demo presentation of our software to showcase its features and capabilities. Schedule a meeting by simply filling in the form <a href="request-demo">here</a>. </p>  

faqEnterpriseItemHeading4: How does pricing work for your system?  faqEnterpriseItemContent4: |   <p>Our pricing is tailored to the size and needs of your enterprise. We offer flexible pricing options, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and goals.     To delve deeper into our pricing structure and explore which option aligns best with your needs, please visit our <a href="pricing">pricing page</a>.</p>

faqEnterpriseItemHeading5: How do I get started with PerfectGym? faqEnterpriseItemContent5: |   <p>To get started, simply reach out to our sales team through our website or send your RFP/RFI. We'll take you on a guided tour of our software, providing an in-depth exploration of its key features.</p>   <p>If you're ready to take the next step, we'll be by your side throughout the decision-making process. We'll assist you in defining the scope of your project and provide you with a detailed quotation to ensure transparency and clarity.</p>   <p>With decisions made and formalities successfully sorted, our next step is to collaborate on a smooth deployment plan. Our team of experts will work closely with you to integrate our solutions seamlessly into your operations, ensuring a successful implementation.</p>

### Fitness Chains / Page ###

pgFitnessChainsH1: |   One Solution for   Multi-Facility Management

pgFitnessChainsH2: |    Scale your Fitness   Chain with Ease

pgFitnessChainsText: |   Maximise your growth potential with PerfectGym’s open software platform for fitness chains. Streamline operations, elevate member experiences, and unlock opportunities for expansion in the dynamic fitness industry.

pgFitnessChainsBoxHeading1: |   <span>Scale</span> Your    Business Effectively pgFitnessChainsBoxHeading2: |   <span>Elevate</span> Member   Experiences pgFitnessChainsBoxHeading3: |   <span>Improve</span> Revenue   Streams 

pgFitnessChainsBoxText1: Easy access to consolidated facility data empowers well-informed business decisions, positioning your brand for scalable growth. pgFitnessChainsBoxText2: PerfectGym’s open API unlocks access to the ecosystem of third-party applications and hardware, allowing you to offer experiences that go beyond the gym. pgFitnessChainsBoxText3: PerfectGym payment integrations significantly reduce the delays in payments and give members the convenience of recurring billing, ultimately improving the revenue stream.

pgFitnessChainsJoinHeading: |   <span>Join Over 130 Fitness Chains</span>   Using PerfectGym Solutions

pgFitnessChainsBoxItem1Heading: 50+ pgFitnessChainsBoxItem1Text: |   <strong>international partners</strong> in our industry ecosystem 

pgFitnessChainsBoxItem2Heading: 145 m+ pgFitnessChainsBoxItem2Text: |   automatically sent <strong>messages</strong> to members     pgFitnessChainsBoxItem3Heading: 66% pgFitnessChainsBoxItem3Text: |   of our customers have <strong>fully automated</strong> payments

pgFitnessChainsBoxItem4Heading: 60% pgFitnessChainsBoxItem4Text: |   of our customers use our <strong>open API</strong>.   

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav1: Expand Your Brand Globally pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel1: Expand Your Brand Globally pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle1: Grow Your Membership Base by 85% pgFitnessChainsGoalText1: |   <p>Take advantage of the increasing demand for health and wellness and maximise your growth potential. Embrace a customer-centric approach and build a loyal member base with PerfectGym’s tools designed to mitigate churn risk and improve retention rates</p>

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav2: Leverage Technology for Success pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel2: Leverage Technology for Success pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle2: Accelerate Your Business with Data-Driven Decisions pgFitnessChainsGoalText2:  |    <p>Make better, more informed decisions with PerfectGym’s consolidated reports of all your clubs in one place. With easy-to-navigate dashboards, you can track progress and identify weak spots and strengths. Access actionable insights for enhancing operational efficiency powered by BI & Machine Learning.</p>

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav3: Become a Digital Transformation Leader pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel3: Become a Digital Transformation Leader pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle3: Improve Your Digital Maturity and Effectiveness pgFitnessChainsGoalText3:  |    <p>Elevate member experiences beyond the gym with an ecosystem of applications seamlessly connected through PerfectGym’s open API to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving fitness industry. PerfectGym enhances your digital maturity, effectively positioning your gym for scalable growth.</p>

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav4: Stay Connected with Your Members pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel4: Stay Connected with Your Members pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle4: Engage with 93% of Members on Mobile pgFitnessChainsGoalText4:  |    <p>PerfectGym offers you a powerful tool to foster continuous interaction and engagement with your members. Simplify booking classes, making payments, and accessing the club. With our white-label mobile app, you're equipped to meet the demands of a tech-savvy generation, ensuring your facility remains their top choice for their fitness journey.</p>

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav5: Improve Revenue Streams pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel5: Improve Revenue Streams pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle5: Reach Up to 80% Recurring Membership Payments pgFitnessChainsGoalText5:  |    <p>Optimise your revenue stream and minimise delays in payments. With PerfectGym’s automated billing and payment integrations with leading providers worldwide, your chain will provide a high level of member convenience, facilitating an uninterrupted experience with recurring payments.</p>

pgFitnessChainsGoalNav6: Secure System Migration pgFitnessChainsGoalLabel6: Secure System Migration pgFitnessChainsGoalTitle6: Ensure an Uninterrupted Member Experience pgFitnessChainsGoalText6:  |    <p>We have successfully migrated millions of members, providing them continuous club access throughout the process. PerfectGym has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. With comprehensive staff training, knowledge base, and support throughout the way, you can confidently scale your operations without delays.</p>

# Faq / Section

faqFitnessChainsItemHeading1: What is PerfectGym and what are the main benefits of using it for fitness chains? faqFitnessChainsItemContent1: |   <p>PerfectGym is an open software platform designed to streamline operations and enhance member experiences for fitness businesses. Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive management solution, solving the various problems that are often associated with managing multiple fitness centres under one brand.</p>     <p>To accomplish this, we offer easy access to consolidated facility data, empowering fitness chain decision-makers with a holistic view of their business. Moreover, PerfectGym's open API seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and hardware, enabling fitness chains to offer experiences that extend beyond the traditional gym setting.</p>   <p>Our suite of payment solutions goes the extra mile to bolster your financial stability. With PerfectGym you can significantly reduce payment delays, efficiently manage and recover outstanding payments, and offer members the convenience of seamless recurring billing. This comprehensive approach ensures not only a more streamlined financial ecosystem but also an enhanced member experience that fosters loyalty and satisfaction.</p>

faqFitnessChainsItemHeading2: What features does PerfectGym offer to retain fitness club members? faqFitnessChainsItemContent2: |

faqFitnessChainsItemHeading3: How does the system migration process look like with PerfectGym? faqFitnessChainsItemContent3: |   <p>PerfectGym ensures a smooth and uninterrupted system migration process. It covers a wide range of essential components, including the seamless transfer of user data, contract details, product information, employee records, and more. Throughout the entire migration, your members maintain uninterrupted club access.</p>   <p>With PerfectGym, you can rest assured that your transition to our platform will be a stress-free and efficient experience, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional services to your members.</p>  

faqFitnessChainsItemHeading4: How can I request a demo of PerfectGym management software for the fitness chain? faqFitnessChainsItemContent4: |   <p>If you're interested in experiencing a demo of PerfectGym to explore all the innovative features and capabilities we have to offer, we've made the process quick and easy for you. All you need to do is <a href="request-demo">fill out the demo request form</a> with basic information about you and your business. Once we receive it, our dedicated team will promptly get in touch with you to schedule a suitable time for the demo that aligns with your availability and preferences.</p>

faqFitnessChainsItemHeading5: What is the pricing for PerfectGym software? faqFitnessChainsItemContent5: |   <p>For pricing information, please visit our dedicated <a href="pricing">pricing page</a>. You can find there details of our pricing structures, packages, products, and services. To request specific pricing details tailored to your needs, contact our sales team.</p>

### Independent Gyms / Page ###

pgIndependentGymsH1: |   The Ultimate Solution   Optimising All Club Operations

pgIndependentGymsH2: |    Maximise Your Gym’s   Potential with Best Management Software

pgIndependentGymsText: |   Take your business to new heights with PerfectGym management solutions. From easy member management to revenue-boosting tools, we've got your back. Discover the software that simplifies the complex world of gym operations, empowering you to focus on what you do best – helping your members achieve their fitness goals.

pgIndependentGymsBoxHeading1: |   <span>Improve</span> Revenue   Streams  pgIndependentGymsBoxHeading2: |   <span>Decrease</span>   Operational Costs pgIndependentGymsBoxHeading3: |   <span>Solidify</span> Your   Brand

pgIndependentGymsBoxText1: Simplify bureaucracy and manage finances efficiently with easy-to-navigate dashboards and live performance reports. pgIndependentGymsBoxText2: Take advantage of an extensive set of solutions developed to tackle all business needs without investing in additional software and personnel. pgIndependentGymsBoxText3: Become a brand of choice with PerfectGym's tools that will set you apart and create a distinct edge over large competitors.

pgIndependentGymsJoinHeading: |   <span>Join Over 260+ Independent Gyms</span>   Using PerfectGym Solutions

pgIndependentGymsBoxItem1Heading: 1500+ pgIndependentGymsBoxItem1Text: |   <strong>clubs served</strong> in over 55 countries   

pgIndependentGymsBoxItem2Heading: 96% pgIndependentGymsBoxItem2Text: |   of our customers <strong>automate member communication</strong>    pgIndependentGymsBoxItem3Heading: 67% pgIndependentGymsBoxItem3Text: |   clubs use a <strong>QR code</strong> for seamless access control management 

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav1: Optimise Your Sales Process pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel1: Optimise Your Sales Process pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle1: Turn More Leads into Paying Members pgIndependentGymsGoalText1: |   <p>Monitor progress and optimise sales processes effortlessly through our intuitive CRM, accessible both on desktop and mobile. Improve your sales strategy with hands-on data that empowers you to drive business growth with confidence.</p>

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav2: All KPIs at a Glance pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel2: All KPIs at a Glance pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle2: Make Better Business Decisions Based on Data pgIndependentGymsGoalText2:  |    <p>Access your key performance indicators anytime, anywhere with PerfectGym's user-friendly reporting system. The clear and concise presentation of all important metrics simplifies decision-making based on data analysis and empowers you to make well-informed and powerful business choices with confidence.</p>

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav3: Ignite Your Gym’s Potential pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel3: Ignite Your Gym’s Potential pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle3: Save Time on Administrative Tasks pgIndependentGymsGoalText3:  |    <p>With PerfectGym, data management becomes effortless, saving time on analysis to focus on realising the gym's potential. Streamline all club data into one accessible system and integrate it with business intelligence and machine learning tools to elevate your operations to new heights.</p>

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav4: Enhance Member Engagement pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel4: Enhance Member Engagement pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle4: Create a Smooth Member Journey pgIndependentGymsGoalText4:  |    <p>Empower your members to pursue their fitness goals and enjoy a seamless journey by automating processes and minimising bureaucracy with PerfectGym. Give them full control over their membership with a user-friendly Client Portal and Mobile App and offer convenient payment options and recurring billing.</p>

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav5: Build Long-Lasting Relationships pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel5: Build Long-Lasting Relationships pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle5: Boost Retention Rate by at Least 60% pgIndependentGymsGoalText5:  |    <p>Create personalised fitness experiences to motivate your members. Get actionable insights on member churn risk and mitigate it with easy-to-set automated campaigns. Reward members and build an engaged community with referral and loyalty programs.</p>

pgIndependentGymsGoalNav6: Leverage Technology and Data pgIndependentGymsGoalLabel6: Leverage Technology and Data  pgIndependentGymsGoalTitle6: Stay Competitive in a Digital Era pgIndependentGymsGoalText6:  |    <p>Empower members with experiences that go beyond the club and embrace the opportunities of digital transformation to stay competitive in a dynamic fitness landscape. PerfectGym will enhance your digital maturity and effectiveness, positioning your gym for scalable growth.</p>

# Faq / Section

faqIndependentGymsItemHeading1: How does gym management software work? faqIndependentGymsItemContent1: |   <p>Gym management software is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and automate various aspects of running a fitness facility. It typically includes features such as member management, class and appointment scheduling, payment processing, reporting and analytics, marketing capabilities, and more. It works by centralising all these functions into a single platform, making it easier for gym owners and staff to manage operations efficiently. Members can also benefit from features like online class bookings and mobile apps to enhance their experience. </p>  

faqIndependentGymsItemHeading2: How can PerfectGym management software help grow my business? faqIndependentGymsItemContent2: |   <p>PerfectGym management software is tailored to help your gym grow in several ways. It simplifies member management, making it easier to attract and retain members. Our software also offers marketing tools, such as automated communication, vouchers, and referral programs, to help you reach new audiences and boost member engagement. Additionally, reporting and analytics features provide insights into your gym's performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise operations and revenue.</p>

faqIndependentGymsItemHeading3: Can I try your gym management software before making a commitment? faqIndependentGymsItemContent3: |   <p>Absolutely! If you are interested, all you need to is simply fill out the online form and we'll promptly arrange a convenient date for a comprehensive demo presentation.</p>   <p>During this session, we’ll showcase all the capabilities and features of our software. This allows you to explore the PerfectGym system thoroughly and see it in action before making any commitment. It's an excellent opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how our software aligns with your gym's specific needs and how it can benefit your business.</p>  

faqIndependentGymsItemHeading4: How can your software help boost my gym's revenue? faqIndependentGymsItemContent4: |   <p>We've designed our software with revenue growth in mind. By simplifying administrative tasks and offering a user-friendly experience, PerfectGym allows you to redirect your time and resources toward activities that generate revenue.</p>   <p>With our marketing tools you can create targeted and personalised campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving more leads through your doors. Additionally, our referral programs incentivise your current members to become brand ambassadors, effectively expanding your membership base. </p>   <p>Through our reports and analyses, you will have an in-depth insight into your gym's performance. You'll know which classes or services are the most profitable, allowing you to optimise your offerings. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions to grow your revenue, whether by adjusting pricing strategies or expanding into new fitness programs.</p>

faqIndependentGymsItemHeading5: What features do you offer for gym member retention? faqIndependentGymsItemContent5: |   <p>At PerfectGym, we understand the importance of member retention in the fitness industry. That’s why our comprehensive gym management software is designed for operators who want to shift focus from dealing with administrative burdens to building a holistic member experience. PerfectGym offers several features to help you keep your members engaged and satisfied.</p>   <p>For instance, with our <a href="features/gym-automation-and-marketing">Automation Centre</a> you can set up automated email and SMS communication, making it easy to send reminders, updates, and special offers to your members. These timely notifications substantially reduce the likelihood of them missing any of their booked classes. You can also surprise them with special offers or promo codes.</p>   <p>Moreover, our <a href="proapp">PG GO App</a> and <a href="features/client-portal">Client Portal</a> provide members with the convenience and flexibility to effortlessly schedule and book classes online. Such accessibility plays a pivotal role in bolstering member retention. </p>   <p>Lastly, we streamline payment processes to ensure a seamless experience for members, effectively reducing any potential friction that could lead to membership cancellations.</p>

### Leisure centers / Page ###

pgLeisureCentersH1: |   Dedicated Solutions For   Sports & Leisure Centre Management 

pgLeisureCentersH2: |   Elevate Your Leisure Center's Potential Through Digital Advancements 

pgLeisureCentersText: |   Forge strong connections with your community through our cutting-edge leisure centre management software. PerfectGym is meticulously crafted to streamline class and facility bookings, simplify membership management, enhance communication, and automate key processes.

pgLeisureCentersBoxHeading1: |    <span>Go Digital</span>   for Seamless   Management  pgLeisureCentersBoxHeading2: |   Take    <span>Full Control</span>   pgLeisureCentersBoxHeading3: |   Seamless Family <span>Experiences</span>

pgLeisureCentersBoxText1: Take a digital leap forward with a technology platform tailored for leisure facilities. Manage multiple rooms, accommodate families, and oversee your extensive staff seamlessly. pgLeisureCentersBoxText2: Easily manage bookings and members across multiple zones. PerfectGym grants your leisure centre complete control for seamless operations and guest contentment. pgLeisureCentersBoxText3: Effortlessly cater to families with tailored membership options and streamlined communication. PerfectGym makes family-focused leisure centre management a breeze.

pgLeisureCentersJoinHeading: |   <span>Join Over 65 Leisure Centres</span>   Using PerfectGym Solutions

pgLeisureCentersBoxItem1Heading: 66% pgLeisureCentersBoxItem1Text: |   of our customers have <strong>fully automated</strong> payments

pgLeisureCentersBoxItem2Heading: 4.6 m+ pgLeisureCentersBoxItem2Text: |   members use <strong>Client Portal</strong> and <strong>PG GO App</strong>    pgLeisureCentersBoxItem3Heading: 97% pgLeisureCentersBoxItem3Text: |   of payments are <strong>successfully</strong> processed 

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav1: Nurture Member Relationships pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel1: Nurture Member Relationships pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle1: Reduce Churn and Increase Retention pgLeisureCentersGoalText1: |   <p>Forge strong connections with your members through automated, personalised communication via email, SMS, and push notifications. Tailor loyalty programs to suit your leisure centre's unique requirements and gain invaluable insights into member behaviour and preferences to keep them committed for the long term.</p>

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav2: Secure Access Control pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel2: Secure Access Control pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle2: Eliminate Unwanted Entries and Enhance Security pgLeisureCentersGoalText2: |    <p>Get the ability to grant or restrict access to specific zones to eliminate unwanted entries and ensure that only authorised individuals utilize the facilities your centre offers. Minimise liability risks, enhance security, and ensure peace of mind for your members and staff.</p>

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav3: Maximise Your Business's Potential pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel3: Maximise Your Business's Potential pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle3: Elevate Success with Streamlined Enrolment pgLeisureCentersGoalText3: |    <p>Discover the power of the PerfectGym Courses module to shape exceptional member experiences, drive growth, and unlock your facility's full potential. Effortlessly establish module structures, create courses or class groups, configure interactions, set up payment plans, define activity categories and age limits, and customise enrolment rules.</p>

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav4: Unlock Passive Income pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel4: Unlock Passive Income pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle4: Streamline Ticketing and Facility Booking pgLeisureCentersGoalText4: |    <p>Generate revenue effortlessly by enabling your members to book a wide range of facilities and zones online, including squash courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, spa rooms, and more. Sell tickets using a fast and cashless online payment system, complete with automatic confirmations.</p>

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav5: Take Payments Anytime, Anywhere  pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel5: Take Payments Anytime, Anywhere pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle5: Achieve 97% Success Rate in Processing Payments pgLeisureCentersGoalText5:  |    <p>Ensure seamless transactions and a hassle-free experience for your leisure centre and its members. Our platform seamlessly integrates with top global payment providers. Members can conveniently set up recurring payments with flexible withdrawal dates, choosing the timing that suits them. Accept payments via credit card, cash, bank transfer, direct debit, and more through various channels – online, mobile app, kiosk or front desk.</p>

pgLeisureCentersGoalNav6: Protect Revenue and Improve Productivity pgLeisureCentersGoalLabel6: Protect Revenue and Improve Productivity pgLeisureCentersGoalTitle6: Effectively Limit the Number of Debtors pgLeisureCentersGoalText6: |    <p>Streamline operations and secure your revenue by automating debt collection, significantly reducing overdue accounts. Reclaim valuable time previously spent chasing payments and redirect it towards enriching your leisure centre's offerings, all thanks to our cutting-edge debt collection module.</p>

# Faq / Section

faqLeisureCentersItemHeading1: What is a PerfectGym management system? faqLeisureCentersItemContent1: |   <p>PerfectGym management system is an innovative and comprehensive platform designed to streamline the operations of sports and leisure centres. It offers a wide range of features and tools to efficiently manage memberships, bookings, payments, communication, and overall facility management. With this state-of-the-art leisure centre software, you can revolutionise your facility's efficiency and customer experience.</p>  

faqLeisureCentersItemHeading2: Why PerfectGym is a good choice for leisure centre management software? faqLeisureCentersItemContent2: |   <p>PerfectGym is an excellent choice for leisure centre management due to its tailored solutions and advanced features. It offers seamless management, enhanced member retention, precise access control for diverse zones and areas, revenue generation, and robust data analysis. PerfectGym understands the unique needs of leisure centres, making it an ideal leisure centre software for success.</p>

faqLeisureCentersItemHeading3:     How can PerfectGym management system streamline leisure centre operations? faqLeisureCentersItemContent3: |   <p>PerfectGym streamlines operations by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that automate various aspects of management. This advanced leisure centre software simplifies booking processes, membership management, and facility scheduling, allowing you to efficiently manage these critical aspects of your business.</p>   <p>Moreover, PerfectGym system elevates communication with your members, empowers you with valuable insights for strategic decision-making and automates payment processing, all contributing to a significant enhancement in overall operational efficiency.</p>  

faqLeisureCentersItemHeading4: Can the PerfectGym system handle online bookings and payments? faqLeisureCentersItemContent4: |   <p>Yes, the PerfectGym system is equipped to handle online bookings and <a href="features/payments">payments</a>. Through a user-friendly <a href="features/fitness-club-mobile-app">mobile app</a> and <a href="features/client-portal">client portal</a>, members can effortlessly reserve facilities, classes, and services. The system also supports a variety of payment methods, making transactions convenient and secure for both leisure centres and their customers.</p>

faqLeisureCentersItemHeading5: How secure is the data stored in the system? faqLeisureCentersItemContent5: |   <p>The data stored in the PerfectGym system is not only highly secure but also backed by ISO 27001 certification. It is a globally acknowledged standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It confirms that our system has robust safeguards to protect your data from unauthorised access, breaches, and other security risks.</p>   <p>With PerfectGym, you can trust that your data is handled with the utmost care and security, providing you with peace of mind as you utilise our platform for your leisure centre management needs.</p>

# Goals

pgGoalNav1: Get Ahead of the Competition pgGoalLabel1: Get Ahead of the Competition pgGoalTitle1: Harness the Power of Digital Transformation pgGoalText1: |   <p>Embrace the transformative power of PerfectGym solutions to unlock your enterprise's full digital potential.</p>   <p>Enhance member engagement, drive revenue growth, improve profitability, and cultivate lasting success in the ever-evolving fitness industry.</p>   <p>Harness the strength of our open API to build your own digital ecosystem, tailored to unique needs of both your business and members.</p>

pgGoalNav2: Enhance Member Engagement  pgGoalLabel2: Enhance Member Engagement pgGoalTitle2: Create an Immersive Experience pgGoalText2:  |    <p>Provide your members with a fitness journey that goes beyond expectations. Deliver a seamless experience and elevate their satisfaction through self-service and membership management capabilities in the kiosk, mobile app, and client portal.</p>   <p>Ensure your members remain engaged and delighted throughout a diverse array of integrations with third-party tools and apps, improving their workouts.</p>

pgGoalNav3: Maximise Your Potential pgGoalLabel3: Maximise Your Potential pgGoalTitle3: Grow Revenue by up to 35% pgGoalText3:  |    <p>Unlock new opportunities for revenue expansion with targeted marketing strategies and data-driven insights powered by advanced CRM features.</p>   <p>Optimise sales strategies to acquire more leads, streamline operations, and maximise your return on investment for sustained and impactful financial growth.</p>

pgGoalNav4: Enhance Profitability pgGoalLabel4: Enhance Profitability pgGoalTitle4: Gain Insights and Predictions pgGoalText4:  |    <p>Stay ahead of the curve by gaining a predictive edge into your business landscape for informed decision-making.</p>   <p>Access valuable insights into your business performance with comprehensive reports and customisable dashboards. Connect with Business Intelligence tools powered by machine learning for advanced analytical capabilities driven by the data stored both in and out of your system.</p>    pgGoalNav5: Nurture Member Relationships  pgGoalLabel5: Nurture Member Relationships pgGoalTitle5: Boost Retention Rate by at Least 60% pgGoalText5:  |   <p>Nurture long-lasting member relationships through automated and personalised communication via e-mail, SMS, and push notifications.</p>   <p>Implement highly effective loyalty programs and leverage customer analytics strategically to not only reduce churn but also significantly elevate retention rates.</p>

# Perspective Box

pgPerspectiveHeading: |   Your Digital Future is Here   <span>Discover Our Solutions</span>

pgBusinessFeatureTitle1: PerfectGym Manager pgBusinessFeatureText1: From sales and membership management to billing, booking, marketing, staff management, and reporting – streamline all aspects of your facility's operations with a comprehensive club management solution. pgBusinessFeatureMore1: features/club-management-software

pgBusinessFeatureTitle2: Automation Centre pgBusinessFeatureText2: Drive member engagement and satisfaction with personalised emails, push notifications, and SMS alerts. Build automated campaigns and keep your staff informed about upcoming events and appointments. pgBusinessFeatureMore2: features/gym-automation-and-marketing

pgBusinessFeatureTitle3: Point of Sale pgBusinessFeatureText3: Streamline reception desk operations to enhance the customer experience and deliver exceptional service. Easily register clients and guests, sign up members for classes, and more. pgBusinessFeatureMore3: features/gym-point-of-sale 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle4: Business Intelligence pgBusinessFeatureText4: Uncover valuable insights from your members' behaviour and business performance data to support your strategy and make informed choices. pgBusinessFeatureMore4: features/business-intelligence-and-analytics

pgBusinessFeatureTitle5: Facility Booking pgBusinessFeatureText5: Simplify the process of scheduling and managing facility spaces, classes and services with booking features, ensuring efficient utilisation of resources and smooth operations. pgBusinessFeatureMore5: features/sport-facility-booking-software 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle6: Pro App pgBusinessFeatureText6: Boost your trainers' productivity and help them stay organised with a mobile app that allows them to access and enter relevant data on the go. pgBusinessFeatureMore6: proapp 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle7: Client Portal pgBusinessFeatureText7: Empower your members with full control over their membership via a dedicated online portal. Enable them to book classes, facilities, training sessions, and handle payments with ease. pgBusinessFeatureMore7: features/client-portal 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle8: Kiosk pgBusinessFeatureText8: Simplify membership management for both new and existing members. From creating and updating membership details to booking classes and facilities, they can easily handle all of these in just a few minutes. pgBusinessFeatureMore8: features/gym-kiosk 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle9: PG GO Mobile App pgBusinessFeatureText9: Enhance member engagement and interaction with your fitness club through our white-label mobile app. Send push notifications, enable effortless bookings, convenient payments, and access to the club. pgBusinessFeatureMore9: features/fitness-club-mobile-app 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle10: Payments pgBusinessFeatureText10: Boost your cash flow and provide members with convenient and secure payment options through a platform that integrates with the top providers all over the world. pgBusinessFeatureMore10: features/payments 

pgBusinessFeatureTitle11: Integrations pgBusinessFeatureText11: Elevate your capabilities and deliver a holistic member experience by seamlessly integrating with hardware, smart equipment and third-party apps. pgBusinessFeatureMore11: features/hardware-and-integrations 

pgFacilityPerspective: Facility Perspective pgMemberPerspective: Member Perspective

# Collaboration

pgCollaborationHeading: |   Take The First Step   <span>Embark on Your Business Revolution</span>

pgCollaborationLabel: Step

pgCollaborationTitle1: Start Your Journey pgCollaborationText1: Let's connect and discuss how we can elevate your business. Complete the <a href="request-demo">online form</a> and we'll be in touch.

pgCollaborationTitle2: Discover Our Solutions pgCollaborationText2: We'll introduce you to our software, walking you through key features to give you a comprehensive understanding of how they can benefit your business.

pgCollaborationTitle3: Decide and Formalise pgCollaborationText3: Once you've seen what we offer, make your choice. If you're ready, we'll handle the decision-making process, including formalities.

pgCollaborationTitle4: Deployment pgCollaborationText4: With decisions made and formalities sorted, we'll collaborate on a smooth deployment plan. Our experts will integrate our solutions seamlessly into your operations.

### Career / Page ###

pgCareerMetaTitle: Career at PerfectGym | Join Our Team pgCareerMetaDescription: Be a part of our Perfect Team, where innovation thrives, talents are nurtured, and growth is limitless.

pgCareerH1: |   Join Our   Perfect Team!

pgCareerTopText: |   Want to be part of something perfect? Dream of starting every week in a friendly and flexible work environment? Join us, and together, let's shape a brighter future for the fitness industry, impacting the lives of millions worldwide!

pgSeeOpenPositions: See Open Positions pgSeeJobOffers: See Job offers

pgJobOfferHeading: |   We Are Hiring   <span>Our Open Positions are Waiting for You</span>

pgWhoAreWeHeading: |   Who Are We?

pgWhoAreWeText: PerfectGym – sounds like a new gym in town? Not quite right. We have created and are still developing a comprehensive system for managing fitness clubs and leisure centres, which improves the daily work of managers and owners in achieving business goals, and helps their members maintain an active lifestyle. pgWhoAreWeName: Sebastian Szałachowski pgWhoAreWePosition: Co-Founder and CEO

pgWhoAreWeText1: PerfectGym is a bunch of 160+ professionals from different countries and cultures working together on a mission of empowering health and fitness companies worldwide to promote active lifestyles.

pgCareerPresenceSectionHeading: |    Let's make a <span>positive impact together!</span>

# Let's make a positive impact together! / We’re Internationally Fit Based in Poland, Present Worldwide

pgTeamMembers: Team Members pgCountriesServed: Countries served pgFacilities: Facilities

pgFitnessChains: Fitness chains pgLanguagesSupported: Languages supported pgOnTheMarket: on the market years: years

pgOfficesText: Offices in Poland and Australia

# Why Work with Us?   pgWhyWorkWithUs: Why Work with Us? pgIndustryLeader: We’re an Industry Leader pgIndustryLeaderText: Be part of an industry-leading company that is at the forefront of digital transformation in the fitness sector. As we actively participate in industry events across the globe, you'll have opportunities to travel and expand your horizons. pgOpportunitytoGrow : Opportunity to Grow  pgOpportunitytoGrowText: At PerfectGym, we prioritise your professional growth and development. You'll have the chance to expand your skill set and take on exciting challenges that nurture your potential. pgRemoteFriendlyEnvironment: Remote-Friendly Environment  pgRemoteFriendlyEnvironmentText: Enjoy the flexibility of a remote-friendly work setup that enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance while contributing meaningfully to our shared goals. pgTransparency: Transparency   pgTransparencyText: We believe in open and honest communication. Transparency is a core value at PerfectGym, and we share all essential information about our company, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

# It’s Our People pgOurPeopleSectionHeading: |   <span>It’s Our People</span>   that Make Us Perfect    pgReadyToJoin: Ready to Join PerfectGym? pgFitIn: You’ll fit right in.

pgOurPPL1Name: Eliza Niepytalska pgOurPPL1Job: Process Manager in Technical Support and Problem Manager pgOurPPL1Story: |   <p>I started my career in IT and project management at PerfectGym, and it has since become my dream career path. I first joined the company in 2017 and worked there for 1.5 years. Initially in the dual role of Implementation Project Manager and Consultant, and then as manager for the Implementation Success department.</p>   <p>During this time, I gained valuable experience that not only prepared me for external certification exams but also helped me adapt to new realities in other companies I have worked for. However, after briefly exploring other opportunities, I realised that the unique blend of innovation and industry relevance at PerfectGym is where I truly belong. That’s why I rejoined the company in 2022. It was a great decision! I’m excited to work in such a dynamic environment where I feel I have a real impact on the internal process and product.</p>

pgOurPPL2Name: Zubin Ajmera pgOurPPL2Job: Demand Generation Manager pgOurPPL2Story: |   <p>I joined PerfectGym in 2021 and have been working fully remotely from India ever since. One of the most captivating aspects of my role is aligning with the company's commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle. This vision is something that inspires and motivates me every day at my work.</p>   <p>My journey here has been filled with memorable experiences, from successfully executing time-sensitive campaigns for a large Middle Eastern client to enjoying a delightful evening in Warsaw with my team. The unique culture at PerfectGym is characterised by a clear vision, a well-defined growth path, a focus on employee tenure, and exceptional leadership. Working here has taught me the importance of team building and collaboration, which are crucial elements for organisational growth.</p>

pgOurPPL3Name: Artur Ługowski pgOurPPL3Job: Software Developer pgOurPPL3Story: |   <p>My name is Artur, but everyone calls me Ługi. I joined PerfectGym in March 2016, and it has been my first full-time job ever since. I started my journey as a first-line support agent, progressing through second-line and third-line support roles before landing my current position as a developer.</p>   <p>There are a lot of good things about PerfectGym, but what stand out the most are the people and the atmosphere. When I come to the office, I always know I will meet people with whom I want to talk, joke around, or learn from. It's a rarity to find a workplace where you can develop lifelong friendships, yet at PerfectGym, we genuinely enjoy each other's company. Our discussions extend beyond work-related topics; we delve into a variety of subjects with everyone, from colleagues to managers and board members.</p>

pgOurPPL4Name: Viacheslav Kurs pgOurPPL4Job: Growth Director pgOurPPL4Story: |   <p>My role involves expanding the company's reach into new markets and managing existing channel partners in Canada and Italy. I have been with PerfectGym since 2018, with a brief departure to explore HRTech space before returning in 2023.</p>   <p>The most rewarding aspect of my role is working with a fantastic and supportive team in the dynamic fitness industry. PerfectGym's global presence fosters a unique culture that promotes open-mindedness and innovation. I started as a Sales Development Representative and progressed to the Middle East and Southern Europe Manager before becoming the Growth Director. Each step has been instrumental in shaping my professional growth. Excited about the future, I now lead new market development and feel I have a real impact on the company's growth.</p>

pgOurPPL5Name: Kornelia Kordala pgOurPPL5Job: Salesforce Admin pgOurPPL5Story: |   <p>I joined PerfectGym in 2016 as a Technical Support Department Manager, responsible for implementing and administering Salesforce. 3 years later I left for Tanzania, returned, and decided to focus solely on developing my Salesforce skills. In 2021 PerfectGym COO invited me back to help with Salesforce development, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity.</p>   <p>What I love most about PerfectGym is the incredible company culture, which fosters collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning for both personal and professional growth. I’m a testament to the transformative impact a single job can have on one's entire career trajectory. Without PerfectGym, I might never have discovered my passion for Salesforce and solidified my commitment to intertwining my future with this platform.</p>   pgOurPPL6Name: Mateusz Opałko  pgOurPPL6Job: Technical Support Expert pgOurPPL6Story: |   <p>I have been with PerfectGym for over 5.5 years, starting as a Support Consultant and now serving as a Technical Support Expert. This role allows me to fulfil my passion for assisting people, and I experience great satisfaction when a client or colleague expresses happiness due to my contributions. Also, I greatly enjoy the supportive atmosphere, our company culture, and opportunities for some fun, even in challenging times.</p>   <p>Unlike previous jobs, PerfectGym provides ample space for creativity, allowing me to expand my skills, from learning SQL syntax to handling new technologies. Beyond my support responsibilities, I create document templates and achieved a notable milestone by implementing the Luhn algorithm. PerfectGym's non-corporate environment values everyone equally, making it a unique and enjoyable workplace.</p>

# Life at PerfectGym    pgLifeAtPerfectGym: Life at PerfectGym  pgPerfectParties: Perfect Parties   pgCompanyEvents: Company Events  pgBusinessTravels: Business Travels / Industry Events

# How Do We Hire?

pgHowWeHireSectionHeading: |   <span>How Do We Hire?</span>

pgApplicationTitle1: |    Application    Review pgApplicationText1: We carefully review your resume to determine if there is a potential match between your skills, experience, and our team's requirements.

pgApplicationTitle2: |   Recruiter   Call pgApplicationText2: If your qualifications align with our needs, we'll reach out to you to ask some basic questions, learn more about you and your background. Also, we'll schedule an online or on-site interview meeting.

pgApplicationTitle3: |   Interview   Meeting pgApplicationText3: During the interview, you'll have the opportunity to connect with someone who closely collaborates with the role you're applying for. We'll delve deeper into your skills, experience and aspirations, while you get to know more about the desired job and our company.

pgApplicationTitle4: |    Practical   Task pgApplicationText4: For certain positions, we may request a practical task as part of the assessment process. This allows you to showcase your abilities in a real-world scenario, highlighting your expertise and problem-solving skills.

pgApplicationTitle5: |    Feedback   & Decision pgApplicationText5: We believe in transparent communication and will promptly share constructive feedback on the interview and inform you of our decision. If it’s positive, we’ll make an offer for you to join us.

# job Offer

pgJobOfferMetaDescription: Are you ready to start working for an organization that innovates the fitness industry? pgJobOfferWeAreLookingFor: Currently we are looking for

pgCareerJobOffersDescription: |   Are you ready to start a new adventure? Excited about working for an organization that innovates the fitness industry?   We look forward to meeting you!

pgCareer: Career

pgFormOfEmployment: Form of employment pgFormOfWork: Form of work pgLocation: Location pgSalary: Salary

pgBackToList: Back To List pgTYAttention: |    Thanks for your attention!   If you like it, please spread the word!

pgOfferText1: ''    # Benefits pgBenefits: Benefits

pgBenefitSportActivitiesTitle: Gym Membership  pgBenefitSportActivitiesText: Stay fit with a gym membership to support your health and well-being.  pgBenefitMedicalCareTitle: Private Medical Care  pgBenefitMedicalCareText: Take care of your health with access to private medical care. pgBenefitLanguageClassesTitle: Language Courses pgBenefitLanguageClassesText: Expand your horizons. We cover part of your language course costs. pgBenefitRemoteWorkTitle: Remote Work Opportunities  pgBenefitRemoteWorkText: Work from anywhere, and we will provide you with the necessary equipment. pgBenefitFlexibleHoursTitle: Flexible Work Hours   pgBenefitFlexibleHoursText: Achieve a work-life balance and start work when it suits you best. pgBenefitTrainingandDevelopmentTitle: Training and Development  pgBenefitTrainingandDevelopmentText: Fuel your career growth with ongoing training and development opportunities. pgBenefitTeamBondingEventsTitle: Team Bonding Events   pgBenefitTeamBondingEventsText: We like to party, celebrate important events and have fun on integration trips. pgBenefitFreshFruitTitle: Fresh Fruits  pgBenefitFreshFruitText: Running low on energy? Grab a healthy snack from our kitchen! pgBenefitDogFriendlyOfficeTitle: Dog-Friendly Office    pgBenefitDogFriendlyOfficeText: We are a pet-friendly workplace. Bring your furry friends to the office! pgBenefitNoDressCodeTitle: No Dress Code     pgBenefitNoDressCodeText: Express your style with our no-dress code policy.

pgApplyNow: Apply for it now pgOfferInteresting: Find the offer interesting? pgApplyForThePosition: Apply for the position

recruitmentProcess: Recruitment process

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pgNewsletterSubscribeText: Schedule a meeting with a free demo presentation to explore PerfectGym software! pgNewsletterSubscribeText1: Get the latest industry tips, insights and special offers straight to your inbox.

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pgRequestDemoDescription: Meet our sales representative and get to know our system. Provide Your details and set a meet in Calendly pgDemoBusinessTypeChoose: Choose Business Type pgDemoBusinessTypeBudgetClub: Budget Club pgDemoBusinessTypeHighEndGym: High-end Gym pgDemoBusinessTypeLeisureFacility: Leisure Facility pgDemoBusinessTypeBoutiqueStudio: Boutique Studio pgDemoBusinessTypeTrampolinePark: Trampoline Park pgDemoBusinessTypeMartialArts: Martial Arts pgDemoBusinessTypeSwimmingSchool: Swimming School pgDemoBusinessTypeOther: Other

pgDemoNumberOfClubsKeyChoose: Choose number of clubs pgDemoNumberOfClubsKey1: 1-4 pgDemoNumberOfClubsKey2: 5-15 pgDemoNumberOfClubsKey3: 16-49 pgDemoNumberOfClubsKey4: 50+

pgDemoAgreement: |   By requesting a demo, you agree to the processing of the personal data you submit by PerfectGym Solutions S.A., 02-797 Warsaw, Poland, Klimczaka 1. This data will never be sold or used by 3rd parties. For more information, please read our <a href="/privacy-policy" target="_blank" rel="noopener" title="privacy policy">privacy policy</a> and <a href="/en/information-obligation" target="_blank" rel="noopener" title="information obligation">information obligation</a>

pgWhitepaperFormMarketingAgreement: I'd like to occasionally receive exciting content and product opportunities related to the fitness management industry

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pgRDMetaTitle: Request a Demo to Discover PerfectGym Solutions pgRDMetaDescription: Take the first step towards transforming your fitness business with PerfectGym's innovative solutions.

pgRDH1: |    Schedule Free Demo with PerfectGym! 

pgRDH2: Unlock the full potential of PerfectGym by scheduling a personalised, free demo with our knowledgeable sales representative. Dive into the world of cutting-edge fitness management solutions and discover how we can elevate your business.

pgRDBoxSectionHeading: |   Transform Your Fitness    Business with PerfectGym pgRDBoxSectionDescription: During the meeting, we'll show you the product and answer all your questions, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how our platform can reshape and elevate your fitness business. 

pgRDBoxHeading1: |    In-Depth Insight into <span>PerfectGym Software</span> pgRDBoxHeading2: |   Comprehensive Overview of <span>Platform Capabilities</span> pgRDBoxHeading3: |   <span>Strategic</span> Business Optimisation

pgRDBoxText1: Gain a deep understanding of the distinctive features and functionalities that set PerfectGym apart. Discover how our software is designed to meet the unique demands of the fitness industry. pgRDBoxText2: Explore the expansive capabilities of our platform. From intuitive management tools to member-friendly solutions, we'll guide you through the vast possibilities that PerfectGym offers. pgRDBoxText3: Uncover the strategic ways in which PerfectGym can be harnessed to streamline operations, elevate revenue streams, and foster unparalleled member engagement.

pgRDFormHeading: Let's get started!

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pgTyText: We look forward to showing you how our solutions can elevate your business experience. See you soon! 

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